An easy and quick way to display small menus to the player. Works extemely similarly to SimpleMenu, and is easy to switch over to using.

QuickMenu:new(title, message, options, show_immediately)

Creates a QuickMenu using the provided title, message, and options and returns it as a class variable.
title The display title of the menu.
message The message to be displayed in the menu. This can be a multiline string.
options An array of options containing data to use for the options of the menu. Specifying a nil value or an empty array will create a default "OK" button.
show_immediately If this QuickMenu should pop-up immediately without requiring the menu to be stored and have show expressly called on it.
returns A QuickMenu object.

options: text The text to display on this button.
options: callback The callback to run if this button is pressed by the user.
options: is_cancel_button If this button should do nothing other than close the menu.

local menu_title = managers.localization:text("base_mod_updates_show_multiple_update_available")
local menu_message = managers.localization:text("base_mod_updates_show_multiple_update_available_message")
local menu_options = {
  [1] = {
    text = managers.localization:text("base_mod_updates_open_update_manager"),
    callback = LuaModUpdates.OpenUpdateManagerNode
  [2] = {
    text = managers.localization:text("base_mod_updates_update_later"),
    is_cancel_button = true
local menu = QuickMenu:new(menu_title, menu_message, menu_options)


Can also be called with QuickMenu:Show().
Displays the specified QuickMenu to the user.

local menu = QuickMenu:new("My Title", "A test message.", {})


Can also be called with QuickMenu:Hide()
Hides the specified QuickMenu without removing it, so that it can be shown to the user again.

  local menu = QuickMenu:new("My Title", "A test message.", {}, true)