Modules and importing

See the Wren documentation for how imports work in general. However, the exact way that the import strings are resolved to files is specific to SuperBLT.

For the given import statement:

import "module-path-goes-here"

... there's a few rules for which these imports are tested under. These are:


Anything starting with ./ means relative to this module (Wren terminology for file).

The file mods/mymod/wren/a/b/myfile.wren:

import "./myotherfile.wren"

... will import mods/mymod/wren/a/b/myotherfile.wren.


Anything starting with .../ means relative to this mod.

The file mods/mymod/wren/a/b/myfile.wren:

import ".../myotherfile.wren"

... will import mods/mymod/wren/myotherfile.wren.

Notably, for files that aren't inside extra folders (such as a/b in the example above) this is the same as ./

SuperBLT/Basemod imports

Anything starting with base/ refers to files in the basemod or DLL.

The valid files are:

(there are other files that start with internal, however they may change between SuperBLT versions and mods should never use them)

Other mod API imports

Anything starting with mods/ refers to published files in another mod - yet to figure out how this will work.

For now just ignore this, but do know some kind of mod-to-mod API system should arrive in the future.

Meta and Random modules

The 'meta' and 'random' modules from Wren can be used by name, as per usual.

Raw file loads

Anything starting with __raw_force_load/ refers to the rest of that string directly. The rest of the string must in the form of mods/path/to/wren/file.

Please don't abuse this! It requires hard-coding the mod folder name, so if someone renames your mod and you use this then the game will crash on startup as it fails to resolve the import.